This world is facing something we would have never thought or imagined of. But it is not shocking for some people who knew what this world has been doing. Yes, I am talking about this pandemic, our world is facing, COVID-19. I mean what went down? what was so cruel that nature had to take these measures. No I cannot relate it scientifically. As this is going on, you could clearly feel that our NATURE IS NOW HAPPY. Our air quality is improving, ozone layer improved, we can hear the birds chirping. In short our nature is healing itself from the bruises we have given to them. It is satisfying and good to hear but for people this is an emergency.

Rising cases and people’s suffering is just unstoppable. Can you imagine if this, me, you, them ends here? I guess we could and we really should. For the damage we have been doing, for the pain we have been giving to the nature, someone has to pay for it, GOD SAID WHY NOT YOU PEOPLE? A perfect match. People dying from the same symptoms we have caused to the nature, what are those?

FEVER, COUGH, SORE THROAT, BREATHING ISSUE, PAIN. Isn’t it all we have been doing to the nature?!!! Pollution, killing animals, harmful gases and many more. People it’s all gone now. Lockdowns and curfews won’t help to understand that how long will this go. The Earth will be ready when it has been healed totally. Like we women take time to get ready, because you know we keep on saying “IT’S BETTER TO ARRIVE LATE, THAN TO EARLY”. So just tighten your seat bealts cause this is HELL OF A RIDE.

CIAO ADIOS!!!!!!!!


Is this how it meant to be?

Little bit of regret, little bit of falling grace

It all came down to one thing “DISTANCE”

The solution to every cocern and the answer to every question

Is this how it meant to be?

The things captured and lived are falling apart

Blur is the perfect suit for this

Fading away like shard

Is this how it meant to be?

The charade which we use to play

The conjecture you use to give

becoming foggy in this stupid mind

Is this how it meant to be?


We can and we will see things which we are not able to do it now because there will be a time when we dont have to try, it will just happen by itself. These things really doesn’t have to be relatable or something which happens daily. We all have one of those days where we don’t want to do anything and just feel off , even hate being with people we love. WHAT IS IT? No one knows, it is just a phase and a stair we have to pass. And then same old things starts, same routine, same time, same shit we have to pass, which we by heart do because that is just a part of who we really are. Just wake up and do the thing which makes you tired and exhausts you because one day those work will pay off and you will be relaxing just as much as you were restless those days.